What is Jessica’s Nature Blog?

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Colourful common British seashells - an example of the nature photographs to be discovered in Jessica's Nature Blog.

Jessica’s Nature Blog is the place to look for illustrations, explanations, and inspiration. Photographs of natural objects and phenomena from seashores, forests and the back garden. Lots of information about the natural history of the Jurassic Coast in Dorset and the Gower Peninsula in South Wales – but also further afield in the Tropical Rain Forest and Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, and on the Oregon Coast.

Subjects range from seashells, seaweeds, strand-lines, sea anemones, sea urchins, sand ripples, and seascapes to jellyfish, barnacles, crabs, insects, worms and fish. Flotsam on the beach – man-made objects like lost shoes or sad dead sea birds and sea mammals. Rocks, pebbles, and fossils.  Images frequently feature natural patterns and textures – Nature’s own abstract art.

Enjoy scrolling down through the postings in Jessica’s Nature Blog and share some of the delights of the natural world that I have discovered as I walk on the beach and through the countryside. There’s plenty to see –  with 609 posts, 93 categories, 5872 tag words, 4876 images, and 58 video clips to date.

Alternatively, you can select a Category to explore subjects in which you are especially interested – such as SEASHELLS and PEBBLES – or particular places like the beaches at Rhossili and Studland. You can also enter key words in the Search box to look for information on a particular topic.


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2 Replies to “What is Jessica’s Nature Blog?”

  1. Thank you, Ian. You are very generous with your comments. I put up this post because most newcomers to the site might not be aware of how much material it contains, and that the blog can be searched for information.

    I also recently had cards made with some of the pictures and text as shown in the post – I find it useful to hand them out to people who stop and talk to me when I am out taking photographs.


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