The Chillagoe pub that rocks

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The Post Office Hotel in Chillagoe ROCKS……..or so it says on the wall!

Looking a lot like a wild west saloon with a hitching rail outside, the Post Office Hotel was our tucker stop when we ventured into this part of the outback with its longstanding mining industry. Its popularity with tourists and locals alike is undeniable – though it must be admitted that the choice of eating and drinking places is somewhat limited in Chillagoe (population about 200).  It is quiet enough to safely lie down in the main street at night to gaze at the starry skies above – although you would get a better view of the constellations through the telescopes at the Chillagoe Observatory and Eco Lodge.

An ancient-looking, naive painting on the bar wall shows 19th century workers on the smelters with the barely decipherable text:

When you’ve finished Copper Gouging

and you’ve smelted all the ore,

When the ringers mobs are sleeping

or you’ve closed you’re Business door,

You will want some entertainment

and a little bit of rest

So come along with all the boys

Where Jim Burke sells the Best


Every wall in the bar is covered with graffiti left by appreciative visitors from all over the world who have enjoyed the unique hospitality of the friendly locals and staff at this no frills establishment. Even the ceiling boasts a wonderful depiction of a dragon lizard – unless the pub owners have redecorated since I was there.

Seems as if everybody agrees with Justin B. of Mooloolah – that this pub rocks!

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