Just a snapshot of a teeny tiny Hermit Crab in a dog whelk shell, stranded high and dry on Rhossili beach, and looking a bit battered and bewildered. You can see from the thumbnail image that he was hardly bigger than a thumbnail. Cute. He was rescued and returned to the sea. 

Post first published 4 may 2010


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3 Replies to “Tiny Hermit Crab at Rhossili”

  1. Isn’t he sweet. This past year I found two hermit crabs. The live one in a dog whelk I was able to send back into the ocean, but the other in a moon shell was dried and past saving. They are marvelous little creatures and your photos do so much to capture their personalities.


  2. I’m afraid that I also found dead hermit crabs too. One had a big bunch of purple eggs on its abdomen. I thought the little fellow in the post photo was dead until the focussing beam from my camera bounced off him and he revived with a start.


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