Barley field swaying in the wind


In late May the fields of barley were still green and unripe. The seed heads remained almost vertical, and the whisker-like seed spikes or awns were just starting to turn yellow. The wind moved through the field making the barley stalks move and sway with an exaggerated sighing and rustling; the whiskers blurred into an indistinct haze on the surface of the crop; and birds sang overhead. 


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4 Replies to “Barley field swaying in the wind”

  1. Very appropriate score for the video clip! Beautiful piece by Sting. I must learn how to add music to the clips – it’s all a new toy at the moment.


  2. The lovely natural sound of barley swaying in the wind with birds singing in the background was all the music needed for this beautiful video. You did a good job by letting Nature do her thing.and capturing it on film. A longer video at least 10 min. would have been even more wonderful.


  3. Thank you so much for your comment, Barbara. These little video clips are meant to be an extension and amplification of the kind of photographs that I like to take – to show further dimensions to the experience that I have been trying to encapsulate with the still pictures. The natural sounds that accompany the moving images are all part of that experience. A longer movie could be good. Someone else said they could watch one of the other video clips all day!


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