There’s something sad about finding toys on the beach. There’s no telling whether they have been simply lost or forgotten; or if they were abandoned because they were broken. Some of them have been travelling around the coast for some time, riding in and out with the tides, becoming the worse for wear during their journeys – and these can be termed as flotsam. The toys pictured here were all found in remote stretches of shore without a person, let alone a child in sight, far from the busy parts where families play. It’s fair to assume they have washed ashore after floating out to sea.



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4 Replies to “Beached balls”

  1. Jessica, the balls I find at the beach and in the marsh are usually smaller. They’re ones that people have brought along to play games of fetch with their dogs. I guess the ones I find were unretrieved by the dogs for some reason.

    Some of the balls you’ve found are so large – it’s hard to imagine someone leaving them behind, unless they left the beach after the sun had gone down.


  2. I find a lot of small tennis balls too but I usually recycle those by giving them to Rufus – the lovely golden retriever who lives next door. He just loves to play fetch and chew them up; they don’t last long.

    The big beach balls have very likely floated away out of reach when the children were playing in the sea or left behind because they were broken.


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