Pebbles on the beach at Eype, Dorset, UK on the Jurassic Coast. Photographs of shingle – wet, dry, big, small, assorted sizes, graded sizes, various shapes, different colours, orange pebbles, grey pebbles, black pebbles, pebbles with sand, pebbles washed by white seafoam, pebbles with a measuring scale, millions of pebbles in all.

If this is not enough for you pebble lovers, click here for more PEBBLES.


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4 Replies to “Lots more pebbles from Eype”

  1. Jessica, that one closeup looks like a Glenn stone except for the color of the rock in which the “lightning” lines appear. Clay? Different color clay?


  2. I think the stone you are referring to is some sort of limestone and the white lines could be crystalline calcite. Definitely not clay. I wish I knew more about the local geology. At the moment it is difficult to find the time to do any research and fact finding to back up the blog photos. I have been busy setting up my new website. Did you see the new link in the blogroll? Jessica Winder Fine Art at Apologies if I already mentioned it but it’s all rather exciting sorting out suitable pictures and organising it.


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