Empty Flat Oyster shells on the beach (8)

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This post features photographs of our British Native Oyster, Ostrea edulis Linnaeus. These shells are shown just as I found them on the beach at Rhossili, Gower, in west Glamorgan. There are five empty shells shown first as they lay on the wet sand, then flipped over to show the reverse side. They form part of a series of photographs and post articles that demonstrate just how variable this species can be in shape, size, infestation, and encrustation. Colour of the shell varies too: naturally as the oyster grows and also by staining during burial of the empty shell in the seashore sediments. I’ve noticed that different parts of the shells take up the staining in different ways and this is due to the fact that the type of crystalline structure in the the shells is different on the inside of the shell and the outside, and in different parts – like the places where the muscles attach to the shell.

There are a lot of posts about oyster shells in Jessica’s Nature Blog. Click here for more information about variations in the European Flat Oyster shell.


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