Tree of Beached Buoys - Tree decorated with multi-coloured plastic fishing buoys, floats, ropes, and boat ladder, washed ashore as flotsam at Broughton Bay, Gower, West Glamorgan. P1210233aBlog 

Looks like someone has spent a lot of time on the beach at Broughton Bay, Gower, and taken a great deal of effort to create this wonderful multi-coloured display of fishing paraphernalia with floats, buoys, ropes and even a boat ladder. All this flotsam, washed up on the sandy seashore, now makes a wonderful sight as it festoons a nearby tree.


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4 Replies to “A tree of beached buoys”

  1. Hi, Hong Kong Willie. Thank you for your comment. Decorating the living tree was a pretty amazing way to re-use the flotsam from the beach. As a re-use artist yourself, I can see that you would fully appreciate this beach art.


  2. WordPress linked this posting to some interesting sites showing photographs of the way other people have recycled fishing buoys and other flotsam in a similarly artistic way.


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