Common Lizard on the sand at Rhossili

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This Common Lizard, with its fine-grained scaley green skin and bright beady eye, was looking up at me from the hot dry sandy beach one July at Rhossili Bay. I am not too sure what it was doing on the beach. Perhaps it had fallen down from the grassy turf of the escarpment to Rhossili Down. I opened my eyes as I lay on the seashore to find the lizard next to me – sharing the shade of a large driftwood tree trunk.


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6 Replies to “Common Lizard on the sand at Rhossili”

  1. Jessica, my first reaction upon seeing this little guy would be to leap back in surprise, but then fascination would take over and I’d approach him for a closer look. We don’t have any lizards here in Nova Scotia, though we do have many types of salamanders.


  2. Hello, Amy Lynn. I had no idea that there were no lizards in Nova Scotia. I wonder why that is? I have not seen many lizards in my lifetime here in the UK. Maybe because I have not been looking for them. They are only small and well camouflaged. I couldn’t miss this one on the beach though because he was stood out against the background.


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