Some more Mermaids’ Purses from Gower

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Just a few more pictures of colourful Mermaids’ Purses (Common Dogfish egg cases) seen on Gower beaches.

There are other posts on this subject: Mermaids’ Purses from Fall Bay and A different kind of Mermaid’s Purse.


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7 Replies to “Some more Mermaids’ Purses from Gower”

  1. I get a real buzz when I see something like this. When I found the mermaids’ purses on the beach, there were familes swimming and playing right next to them but nobody took any notice of them. People were not even curious when I knelt inelegantly in the wet sand with my bottom in the air taking photographs of them.


  2. It always amazes me that so few people are truly amazed by nature. Hopefully they’re taking notice of the other things I’m missing while I’m closely checking out a pinecone or shell. We all see the world so differently.


  3. If people do not even notice what is around them, let alone appreciate it, they will not know or care when it disappears, unless perhaps it impinges on their own comforts, and then it is too late.


  4. OK, I’m just noticing that these are posts from 2009 … as I missed them the first time ’round I appreciate the re-posting.


  5. I started a revision of all my postings in the middle of last year – but was interrupted in the task by unfortunate family matters that have been taking up most of my time. I have only just able to return to the job. There are over 200 more postings which have been held back as private while I downsize and watermark the images.


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