It always amazes me how discarded bottles remain intact despite their buffeting in the waves. Wine bottles, spirit bottles, pickle jars, and even potty bottles. Sometimes half-buried by drifting sand. Sometimes sitting on pedestals of sediment as the wind scours the beach around them. Inevitably some remaining deep, buried and unseen for the moment. Thrown overboard or left behind after revellries. They seem to survive the same way as delicate sea urchin tests which, thin as egg shells, float on the waves and blow with the wind, surviving on the strandlines without harm.


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4 Replies to “Beached bottles”

  1. It can’t just be your rocky rather than sandy shores because you don’t have much beach glass either. The people who visit your beaches, and the shores sharing the same currents, probably take their rubbish home with them and leave everything nice and clean.


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