Cobweb-like film on a saltmarsh pool at Whiteford National Nature Reserve, Gower, South Wales.

A delicate cobweb tracery of salty surface deposit – left by the outgoing tide in the clear, still, shallow water of a saltmarsh pool at Whiteford National Nature Reserve in Gower, South Wales.

In and around the slack water of the pool were dozens of blossoming Sea Lavender plants with their sprays of pale lilac flowers. These plants are tolerant of the brackish wet conditions.

Sea lavender growing in shallow water at the edge of a saltmarsh pool, Whiteford NNR, Gower, South Wales.

 A Post from the Past

2 Replies to “A saltmarsh pool at Whiteford”

  1. Sea lavender grows here too. It’s lovely. When it was popular in dried flower arrangements in years past, I was always hesitant to tell people where it grew in case it might become overharvested.


  2. That’s always a problem when you find something interesting – whether to tell other people about it, whether to trust them not to spoil it. Difficult to know how much information to ‘share’ sometimes.


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