A selection of beautifully coloured and patterned pebbles, souvenirs from my holiday at Rethymnon in Crete, displayed in a blue bowl of water. Every combination of orange, green, grey, black and white – with stripes, lines and marbled effects.

A photograph of the wet pebbles in situ where the sea washes the sand away on the edge of  Rethymnon beach.

The picture above and the one below were taken whilst standing in the warm, clear sea water as the waves gently broke on the sea shore. Looking downwards through the water to the multi-coloured pebbles on the bottom, the slow movement of the transparent ripples created a distorting effect. The resulting ever-changing images were like a cross between a mosaic and a kaleidoscope.


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7 Replies to “Pebbles from Rethymnon, Crete”

  1. Do you ever polish them?
    I am lucky enough to possess a stone polishing machine, but don’t use it that often as the noise is annoying when it goes on day and night for weeks! But that said, the effect is permanent shine like when they are wet.


  2. Oh to be there with feet in that warm Cretan water…

    That arrangement of pebbles seems to be the loveliest yet. I think the blue of the bowl acts as a perfect complement to the warm colours of the stones.


  3. Of course, with the bowl of pebbles, I could select the most colourful, patterned and interesting ones – emphasising the impression I had of the natural array of stones on the beach.


  4. No, I have never done that. I remember that a long time ago my son had a polisher – you are right about the noise, it can be really irritating after a while. I think I am happy now with just wetting the pebbles; a simple way of making them look their best just like they do on the beach.


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