Flotsam & jetsam: Rhossili in January

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A Post from the Past [2009]

The rough weather and choppy seas at Rhossili cast up onto the beach driftwood, both small pieces of spalted branch wood and larger tree boles, and several fishing buoys.  

Amongst the flotsam was a sad little Christmas teddy bear, a wooden cable drum and a few dead sea birds like the fulmar pictured below.

Flotsam white teddy bear

Flotsam cable drum

Dead fulmar bird on the seashore

This post was one of the first that I wrote for the blog and after a while I consigned it with many others to ‘private view’ only. I was feeling my way back then, and developing ideas about content and presentation. I fancifully thought that I might make some money from the images, so I only used reduced size versions online.  This time round of publishing I have replaced the pictures with the full-size versions of the images . It is interesting now to compare and contrast, see how my ideas have changed and grown, and observe the differences in the results achieved through cameras used then and at present. Over the 9 years I think I have upgraded my camera at least three times. I am thinking that these were not such bad posts and may be worth airing again. 

© Jessica Winder and Jessica’s Nature Blog, 2009

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