DailyWalk 60.6

White petals fallen like confetti on the undergrowth

White petals from elder flowers that have rained down like confetti over the undergrowth and path on the bridle path to Forston Grange on the east side of Charlton Down in Dorset during the coronavirus lockdown May 2020

4 Replies to “DailyWalk 60.6”

  1. Beautiful photographs.

    No shortage of goose grass. A great source of childish mirth in the days of innocence and long long ago. And should international trade come to a shuddering halt or austerity creep up to bite us source of a grand coffee substitute.


  2. Thank you, Genericwaz. Yes, lots of goose grass or cleavers around here too. I know that it has useful properties but how do you make coffee from it?


  3. You can make a tea which is said to be a good de-toxicant with the dried leaves. Coffee from the dried “fruits” toasted. Pleasant enough but doesn’t give you much of a lift. I have a sense that much of the abundant plant life that would be considered by tidy gardeners to be invasive weeds is there to do us good.


  4. That is so good to know but I think that you would have to gather an awful lot of the plant to make a single cup of tea or coffee. Many of the wild plants that I have discovered and featured in this series of posts have turned out to be edible or have healing properties.


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