Hill End To Spaniard Rocks 159

Wet sand ripples reflecting the blue sky

Hill End To Spaniard Rocks 159 – Wet sand ripples reflecting the blue sky at Rhossili Beach, Gower, South Wales, 7th April 2017.

4 Replies to “Hill End To Spaniard Rocks 159”

  1. This photo looks like the flag of the most peaceful country on earth. Beautiful!

    If you organize tours to these wonderful places please let me know.

    Your blog is the only one I am subscribed to. I have never met somebody with such love of rocks, pebbles, sand ripples, etc etc .

    One day I´ll show my beach pebble collection. Thanks, Jessica.

  2. Thank you, Cecilia. I do not know how far you would have to travel but Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula is accessible by public transport, and the National Trust for Rhossili and South Gower organise regular walks in the area. Judith Oakley, author of Seashore Safaris organises excursions to explore seashores in the area as well. Even without a guide it is exciting to explore the area and make discoveries on your own.
    I’d love to see pictures of your pebble collection one day if you would care to e-mail them to me.

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