2 thoughts on “Hill End To Spaniard Rocks 94

  1. Yes, the Carboniferous Coal Measures first occur in the part of Gower nearest to Swansea. I think there were or are some coal mines at Crofty, for example. At Rhossili on the tip of the Gower Peninsula the Carboniferous strata from much lower down in the sequence outcrop, and these are without coal. Roughly speaking, the Carboniferous rocks as a whole tell a story of transition from a fully marine situation to that of a coastal swamp-like environment. This can be tracked in the rock compositions and fossils – with marine organisms like bivalves and crinoids at the beginning of the period to mainly terrestrial plant-like materials at the end. The exposures of Gower rocks approximately show this trend with the layers of older more marine sediments from the Lower Carboniferous at the Rhossili end of the peninsula and the layers of the more terrestrial deposits with coal from the Upper Carboniferous at the Swansea end of the peninsula and far beyond that.

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