2 thoughts on “Arisaig Rocks 28

  1. Hi Jessica

    I’m hoping to make soft castings of rock like this (Arisaig Rocks 28). Does this type of rock have a name I can use to search for similar images And do you know of similar examples closer to Alma/Cape Enrage NB area. I live in Elgin; that area is within easy range

    Glen Peters
    Elgin NB

  2. Hello, Glen. The rock in this photograph (Arisaig Rocks 28) is a Silurian Period sedimentary rock known as a shale, or more specifically as a turbidite. I do not have any personal knowledge of sites with similar rocks in New Brunswick from my trips over to the Maritime Provinces. However, I have looked up in my books and maps and discovered that Silurian rocks including turbidites do occur in New Brunswick but not very close to Elgin. They can be found for example in the Gorge of the Saint John River at Grand Falls, and near the Jacquet River. There is some information in the book The Last Billion Years – a geological history of the Maritime Provinces of Canada produced by the Atlantic Geoscience Society and produced by Nimbus Publishing in 2001. There is an on-line scientific paper which shows in Figures 1 and Figure 2 the location of Silurian rocks in the Fredricton area. I would caution though that there is no guarantee that the rocks at these New Brunswick sites will be identical in appearance and texture to those at Arisaig Provincial Park because even rocks formed in the same way can be very variable.
    Hope this helps with your quest to find suitable rocks from which to make soft castings.
    Best wishes

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