Man Who Planted Trees 1

Shepherd and dog - part of a mosaiculture tableau depicting the shepherd who changed a desolate and arid land into fertile fields and forest by planting trees.

Man Who Planted Trees 7 – Mosaiculturetableau made with living plants. Part of the award winning tableau “The Man Who Planted Trees” at the Mosaicultures Internationales de Montreal 2013. The figures depict Jean Giona’s fable of the shepherd who changed a desolate landscape to fertile land by planting trees, showing the positive impact on the environment by a single individual. Jardins Botanique de Montreal.

2 Replies to “Man Who Planted Trees 1”

  1. It’s mind-boggling. It must require entire teams to plan them, get the plants grown for them, not to mention the constant maintenance. This mosaiculture scene was not the largest or even the most elaborate in the exhibition/competition. In photographs that I will post later, the structures were so big that gardeners were not only using step-ladders (as in the horses photographs in this post) but also using climbing ropes, harnesses and helmets to get up and prune the plants.


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