Tree trunks and sprouting leaves in the wet tropical rainforest

Rainforest tree trunks

Leaves sprouting from a tree trunk in the rainforest

Rainforest 1 – 3:  Looking back at some of the wondrous Nature seen on a trip of my lifetime to the wet tropical rainforest in Queensland, Australia, in 2011.

Ancient Forest Remains at Whiteford

Old tree trunks in beach deposits at Whiteford Sands

Not a lot of people seem to know that the remains of old trees are slowly emerging from the glacial and post glacial deposits at Whiteford Sands as the surface layers of the  beach have been eroding in recent decades – or at least I have been unable to find any published reference to their gradual exposure in this location. In fact, last winter (2012/2013) produced significant changes to the appearance of the beach towards the Point, with massive quantities of sand being stripped away and redeposited elsewhere. Subsequently, many new examples of old wood were revealed on the shore.

I believe that these boughs and trunks could be further remains of woodland that was inundated and buried in sediment following the last period of glaciation in Gower. Better known examples are the tree stumps of the submerged woodland at Broughton Bay, which is the next bay along the Loughor Estuary in the direction of the Bristol Channel. The whole area is known to have been covered in woodland about 10,000 years ago.


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