Wasteland 2 – Second in a series of pictures of vegetation apparently growing naturally on wasteland and demonstrating a marvellous biodiversity. I looked up on the internet to see if this area has been deliberately seeded as part of a biodiversity initiative but cannot find any information so far. There is a wide variety of flowering plants and grasses which I am largely unable to identify with any certainty. Every few steps presents a fresh combination of species. Photographed on the margins of the flattened site of a former dockland building by the side of Pipers Walk on the Waterfront in Swansea, South Wales, 19 June 2021.

6 Replies to “Wasteland 2”

  1. Thank you, Nannus. That is helpful. I will try and identify as many plants as I can but obviously I need a bit of help from others on this one.


  2. Thanks Nannus. I have never heard of that before. I have looked it up and I think there might have been two species from that family: the Ribbed Melilot which was yellow here. and White Melilot elsewhere.

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  3. I had not heard about it myself, I just noticed it looked like something in the direction of clover as well so I googled for yellow clover, and that is what came up.
    It is a pitty the petals of the flowers in the middle have fallen off.

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