Rock GCC Series Part 4: Close-up details of patterns and textures in water-worn sedimentary seashore rocks. Being unable to travel very far afield right now because of the Covid 19 situation and restrictions, I am enjoying virtual trips to places that I have visited in the past. So some (not all) of the images in these current rock postings may have appeared on my blog previously, accompanied by more information, but I thought that they were worth airing again in their own right.

6 Replies to “Rocks GCC 4”

  1. The blue and buff reminds me of rocks I remember seeing when I was young, the creek uncovering them. We lived in an area of limestone, the results of being undersea millions of years ago, but this was not limestone. I wish I knew what it was, your rocks brought back the memory.

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  2. These rocks belong to the Cork Group of rock strata, most probably the White Strand Formation which is comprised mainly of Namurian (Upper Carboniferous) sandstones inter-bedded with brittle, commonly pyritic grey-black mudstones.

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