We were desperate for an outing. We went to the beach. Big mistake. It was very, very hot. It was extremely crowded. But is was good to see something different, hear the sea, enjoy the light, observe natural things. Kept ourselves as safe as possible. Shingle beach, outcrops of rock, small clumps of seaweed washed ashore, fossils in the rocks, light dancing on the waves, pebbles glistening under water. A small taste of the seaside. Next time we’ll wait for cooler weather and fewer visitors.

8 Replies to “On the Beach at Ringstead”

  1. Such a shame that Ringstead is overwhelmed by visitors. We love the place and have had many happy stays there. It’s normally quiet and civilised. I recall being there when a car arrived with a very hot a bothered Dad who got out and walked to the sea front and declared there was ‘nothing there’ and returned to his car refused to pay ‘Toll’ and drove off with his family still inside. I do hope those visitors who were there during your visit took their rubbish home!
    Robert not a coconut

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  2. I agree, Robert, that Ringstead is a special place. I used to spend a lot of time there but usually off-season when it was quiet. It has such a lot of geological interest too, especially when the fossils weather out after bad weather in winter. We did not spend too much time there on this recent visit so I don’t know if people took their rubbish home. I hope they did.


  3. Yes, we have the same thing here with parks not opening their gates until a certain time. I have learned which ones have non -secured lots, or…which ones I can park in the lot of a nearby office or business!

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