I love nature and the countryside but I also love the buzz of being in cities and urban areas, and all the photographic opportunities to be found there. While the country and coast are calming and peaceful, cities offer a great contrast and visually stimulating environment. Here are some shots from London, taken four years ago, from various high viewpoints at the Tate Modern Gallery on the south bank of the Thames. The skylines are very different now to what they were when I was young. I remember the bomb-sites and dereliction following the war and the gradual regeneration process. Then the reclamation and gentrification of the redundant docklands. So much exciting and innovative high rise development and urban renewal alongside the old and treasured architecture. I do my miss visits to town now that non-essential travelling is not such an advisable thing to do.

5 Replies to “Urban Landscape 1”

  1. Absolutely. We are still being very cautious about any kind of trip out of home and feeling privileged to have access to the open countryside.


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