2 Replies to “Washed Ashore – Knotted Rope Flotsam”

  1. Thank you. There is a system of voluntary beach cleaning on many beaches in Britain as well as Local Authorities cleaning up beaches regularly, maybe every day in summer, on beaches that attract lots of holiday makers in fairly urban locations. However, some beaches like that at Rhossili are fairly remote, do not have easy access for vehicles, and are of such an expanse that organised cleans cannot take place very often.

    However, the the shore at Rhossili is 5 kilometres long and the tide can go out a great distance, maybe half a mile or so – just like the Bay of Fundy tides on the Atlantic east coast of Canada. So it would be possible to walk over the entire beach without noticing any undue problem with flotsam. Additionally, the waves and currents are powerful enough to move vast quantities of the sand around so that flotsam can appear with one high tide and completely vanish by the next, by being buried under tons of sand or by being washed out to sea again. It is a very dynamic situation. I just happen to home-in on the various types of flotsam because I find it interesting to observe and record – this may give a biased perspective unless readers have seen other posts on my blog of the wonderful open vistas on the beach, the beautiful clean sand with its never-ending new patterns and textures, and the wonderful seashore creatures and seaweeds that live in the sand and on the rocks that form promontories at each end of the bay. It’s an awe-inspiring place.


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