Queensland Seashells 1

Assorted seashells from the Queensland coast in Australia.

Queensland Seashells 1 – Assorted seashells including a sundial shell from the Queensland coast in Australia.

4 Replies to “Queensland Seashells 1”

  1. In Cairns itself, the contribution of shells to the colour of the sand is small. The grain size was large and the majority of particles seemed to be quartz and other minerals from local rocks. Beach sand composition and colour vary greatly depending on the locality and the geological history of the area. Sand can actually be made up entirely of white seashell fragments or coral pieces, as well as totally black derived from volcanic rocks like pumice. My favourite beach at Rhossili in South Wales has sand that can be multi-coloured, and even patterned sometimes, by a combination of fine quartz and mineral grains brought down to the coast by glaciers; by contributions from the local rocks of Carboniferous limestone and Old Red Devonian sandstones and conglomerates; plus the comminuted remnants of millions of seashells that wash ashore and get crushed at regular intervals. Click on Rhossili Sand Textures to see an example of the lovely sand patterns you can find at Rhossili.


  2. Thank you again for your kindness. There’s a video, I believe it studies the sand around the Hawaiian Islands. Magnification shows the variety of shell fragments. Bermuda must also have interesting sand.

    Looking forward to your next feature.

    God Bless,



  3. Sand is a fascinating topic. I have wanted to understand more about it because I am always photographing the patterns, textures, and colours of it. I am currently reading a book called “Sand: a journey through science and the imagination” by Michael Welland, published by Oxford University Press, 2008, ISBN 978-0-19-958818-3. It is a veritable treasure trove of amazing facts about sand.


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